Inciting one another to multiply the breakthrough love of God.

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The goal of local missions is to actively pursue the beloved community by joining God to meet physical and spiritual needs.
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About Us

To lovingly lead lost individuals into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to develop mature believers


In 1928, six members of Mount Vernon Baptist Church, (Atlanta, GA), took a step of faith and birthed Elizabeth Baptist Church, naming it after the mother of John the Baptist. The following year, in March 1929, Reverend E.D. Florence and the members of Elizabeth moved to a storefront at 100 Taliaferro Street. Here, in its new place of worship, God blessed the ministry by adding to its number and strengthened the congregation through the formation of auxiliaries. These auxiliaries focused on growing each member spiritually, socially, and economically. This foundation, with a focus of Christ at the ministry’s center, set the stage for the legacy of Elizabeth Baptist church.

Elizabeth Baptist Church, with the never-ending strength of the Lord and the leadership of Dr. Oliver, we believe in “Multiplying Disciples Who Make a Difference”. As we approach this new season of ministry, we do so with greater intentionality to continue to advance God’s Kingdom.


Join us for uplifting worship, inspiring messages, and a welcoming community. Experience joy and connection at Elizabeth Baptist Church this Sunday at one of our 3 campuses and Online. All are welcome! We look forward to meeting you!

As Senior Pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church, Dr. Craig L. Oliver’s passionate yet pedagogic approach to preaching touches the hearts, fortifies the spirits and transforms the minds of believers and non-believers across the world.
To join the EBC team, our New Member’s classes give you our playbook. It details where we’re going, what we believe and our structure. If the purpose of every Christian’s life is to glorify God, we need to know how to do that.

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Invest with a Team

With discipleship expanding beyond the walls of our church, we seek to develop a ministry that is fueled by EBC's core values and overall church mission to incite one another to multiply the breakthrough love of God.
W.O.W.Women of Worship Ministry
Edify and equip every woman on the journey of faith to become true worshippers that exalt the name of the Lord.
Our Youth
Our YouthGreenhouse
We joyfully guide children to encounter Jesus as their Savior, deepen their understanding of Him, and share His love with others.
EBC Vibe
EBC VibeMinistry
Young adult ministry crafted to contribute to the spiritual engagement and development of members with the age range of 18-32.
Worship and Arts
Worship and ArtsMinistry
The Worship & Arts Department of Elizabeth Baptist Church is a body of energetic and genuine worshipers.

Incite To Multiply

To emphasize the church’s dedication to personal and spiritual growth, we focus on nurturing each member's faith journey. Our community encourages individuals to explore and deepen their relationship with God. Through various programs, we provide opportunities for spiritual education and personal development. We believe in the power of sharing faith stories to inspire others. Members are motivated to spread the message of love and hope in their daily lives. Our mission extends beyond the church walls, reaching into the broader community. We support each other in living out our faith authentically. By fostering a welcoming environment, we invite visitors to join us in our mission. Together, we aim to grow spiritually and make a positive impact. Join us and be an active participant in our faith journey.

Impact My Community

Our church is deeply committed to serving our community, embodying the spirit of compassion and outreach through various impactful programs.

Every week, we host a food pantry that provides essential groceries to families in need, ensuring no one in our neighborhood goes hungry. Our mentorship programs for youth offer guidance, support, and positive role models, helping them navigate life's challenges. We also organize regular neighborhood clean-ups, promoting a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

Through our partnership with local shelters, we provide clothing and essential supplies to those experiencing homelessness. Our volunteers visit nursing homes to bring companionship and joy to the elderly. We offer free educational workshops on financial literacy, health, and wellness, empowering individuals with valuable knowledge. Our church hosts blood drives, contributing to life-saving medical care. We support local schools by providing supplies and after-school tutoring programs. Join us in these meaningful efforts to make a real difference in our community, demonstrating the love and care that defines our faith.

Our Events

“Welcome to the events hub of Elizabeth Baptist Church! Here, you can explore and sign up for a diverse array of enriching experiences that cater to every member of your family.

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Join us as we come together to create lasting memories and deepen our connections within the warm embrace of our church community.”

Atlanta Campus

4245 Cascade Rd SW
City of South Fulton, GA


Service Times 
Sundays: 7:15 a.m. 9:30 a.m.  12:00 p.m. (In-person and Online)

6:00 p.m. (Online Only)

Smyrna Campus

2581 Spring Road Smyrna, GA 30080

Sundays 8:30am

Douglasville Campus

2990 Bright Star Road
Douglasville GA 30134

Service Times
10:45 a.m.

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